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About Us

“PT. Lintas Media Danawa is a subsidiary of Lintasarta (Indosat Group), the Kompas Gramedia Group and Danawa Indonesia, which was present in 2008 in the middle of the business world that the growth getting faste and with tight competition.”

“Lintas Media Danawa, providing solutions in the needs of information technology for company through Cloud services, SAAS, Managed services.”

“Lintas Media Danawa help you in increasing the company’s productivity and save more costs that incurred by the company.
With competence recognized by Microsoft, Redhat Certified Engineer, OpenNebula Partner, Oracle, Salesforce.com, and Zimbra, Lintas Media Danawa come and provide services and business solutions that can be trusted, focus on quality and customer needs.”

company value


Customer Focus – (Focus to customer need)
Respect – (Listening, courteous)

Excellence – (Excellent measure progress)
TeAm work – (Contribute, communicate, collaborate)
InTegrIty – (Honest)
DeVElopment – (learn, coach, grow)
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Milestones & Future


Founded in 2008 with only a few employees, LMD which is a subsidiary of Lintasarta and Medialand (Kompas Gramedia Group), started their adventure in the business world of information technology in Indonesia.

LMD began their business by providing custom software development services for companies. With persistent effort and supported by the employee who have ability to master ASP.Net and Java programming, finally LMD could get some projects from several companies. Most of them, in fact, did repeat order from us and this service continued to grow so we obtained many other new customers. Even though it showed their trust and satisfaction to us, we realized this was just the beginning of our journey. We didn’t want to stop here, because there were always many challenges and opportunities that should be pursued to increased our level to the better one.


Along with our growth, then came up the phenomenon of cloud computing in the information technology world. With all of the advantages that brings, cloud computing is believed by many experts will bring major changes to how the way companies will view and manage their information technology.

Spirit and essence of cloud computing that is in line with company objectives in conducting efficiency and increasing focus on its core business, made us decide to plunge totally into cloud computing business. Soon we set our position as a cloud solution provider and be the first and few of which exist in Indonesia, which has core business in the cloud service. We would like to be pioneers in this business, in accordance with the values of passion to be the best in our hearts.

As the realization, we launched a service called COZY, which is the first on demand cloud service in Indonesia.

Our organization is also growing and the number of employees tripled. We already provided 24 hours service that shows we always want to give the best for our customers. For us, from the beginning until now and also in the future forever, the customer is our first priority.


Highly competition as an impact of globalization affects almost all business sectors in the world. Competitors, suppliers and even the product substitution are increasingly popping up. Except by efficiency and focus on the core business, there is no other option for Indonesia companies to stick out. The role of information technology will greatly help the company to remain highly productive, efficient, fast decisions taking, as well accurately analyse.

And that’s what we are for. We are here to help companies getting strategic advantages in their business with the right solution of cloud computing and mobile application service.

In the future, we would like to be the leading and the best cloud solution provider in Indonesia and regional. We will offer you the multivarious solution from cloud infrastructure service; cloud software and application service; manage cloud service until cloud integration service.

No longer need to risk the company on investing, both in spending capital expenditure (capex) , technology selection, operation, maintenance, upgrading the system or even human resource recruitment. It is time to focusing on the core business and leaves it to us. Let us manages the hardware procurement, integrate the system, build an application, implement the business software through the maintenance and operate the system that is dedicated to your company.

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