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“PT. Lintas Media Danawa is a subsidiary of Lintasarta (Indosat Group), the Kompas Gramedia Group and Danawa Indonesia, which was present in 2008 in the middle of the business world that the growth getting faste and with tight competition.”

“Lintas Media Danawa, providing solutions in the needs of information technology for company through Cloud services, SAAS, Managed services.”

“Lintas Media Danawa help you in increasing the company’s productivity and save more costs that incurred by the company.
With competence recognized by Microsoft, Redhat Certified Engineer, OpenNebula Partner, Oracle, Salesforce.com, and Zimbra, Lintas Media Danawa come and provide services and business solutions that can be trusted, focus on quality and customer needs.


Product & Services

Cloud Services

Cozy is a brand of the LMD and LMD provide public cloud services also service private cloud to help troubleshoot your corporate IT. LMD can help improve productivity and help lower IT costs of your company. LMD Cloud Service is intended for small-scale enterprises, medium and large companies.


LMD Provides ERP and CRM to help companies become more effective business processes. With Salesforce CRM product, LMD help your company to improve sales and marketing performance. With this cloud-based SAAS products, enables you to work anywhere and anytime without any restrictions.

Managed Services

LMD Management Services maximize treatment and increase IT skills within your company, so you can maximize your IT staff to focus on the job and are looking for new innovations in business. LMD provides fast access and international class with the best quality.

Our Solution

By Company Value Chain

Cloud computing system prioritize your business to make it more secure.

By Industry

Server Program to help better manage your business.


“Friends and good manners will carry you where money won’t go.”
– Margaret Walker

Our Clients

  • Rhesa Surya

    Dikomunitas kami banyak yang mempunyai bakat sebagai game developer, animasi maupun pengembang software. Kebutuhannya terhadap infrastruktur server cocok sekali dengan cozy.

  • Gatot H. Suzanto

    Kami sangat terbantu dengan dukungan penuh dari LMD dalam instalasi dan konfigurasi web server, database server dan juga aplikasi kami kedalam system cloud, sehingga mahasiswa kami sekarang dapat mengisi KRS, KHS & Trasnkrip pembayaran melalui website Kami.

  • Arief Widhiyasa

    Ketika game “Football Saga” Kami diliput TV nasional, trafficnya langsung melonjak tajam dan game server Kami langsung penuh. Untung ada Cloud Server Cozy, jadi bisa diupgrade dengan cepat.

  • Jimmy Leo

    Model layanan cloud Computing POS (Point Of Sales) system dan ERP dari LMD sangat cocok dengan kebutuhan kami yang sedang merintis outlet stationary yang terbesar di Indonesia.

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