Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

This service is intended for companies that want to store their data, without having to think about how the security of data and how much storage capacity is needed. The company does not have to bother to spend a large initial cost in the supply of storage. Also do not need to think about scalability, because all these things we already provide. Your company only needs to focus on innovation with the data without the need to bother to deal with how the data is stored.


Our storage cloud services are developed with the principles of design:

Safe – Our system allows customers to have complete control over access to their data.
Reliable – Data stored with 99% availability rate.
Scalable – This service is designed to meet unlimited need of storage from customers.
Fast – This service should be fast enough to support high performance applications. Latency must be insignificant relative to Internet latency. Any decline in performance can be improved by simply adding nodes to the system.
Affordable – Our system is built from open source software components and low-cost commodity hardware, so that cost savings can be significant. For us there is no loss of quality due to the selection of these devices as long as we have strong technical support team.

Who Should Use

All companies, regardless of how type of business and its size, should require cloud storage when:

Buying storage itself felt quite costly and burdensome.
Requires data backup in a different place as a form of redundancy program.
Need temporary data storage area, which is no longer needed after project completed.

Pricing Model

This service is charged by monthly based model accordance with the size of storage used. Add on charge will be applied for bandwidth traffic usage.