Cross Market Enterprise

Cross Market Enterprise


Enterprise-class companies, from all market segments such as ” nance, manufacturing, trading, service, distribution, resources, and others, generally have a similar information technology issues, namely how IT can serve as the company’s strategic advantage. These advantages can be fast in business processes execution as a result of automation thereby increasing the quality of service, accurate and real time up to date information so that companies can immediately take a decision, until the role of information technology in eliminating manual processes and human error as to prevent leakage and reduce costs. In addition, the challenges of information technology implementation for enterpriseclass companies is how IT investments can be more efficient and can be converted to operating expense (opex) than capital expense (capex) so as to increase company’s ROI (return on investment).


Our solution

To answer how the role of IT can be a strategic advantage of the company, the IT implementation cannot be done partially but must be planned and implemented integrally, covering all business processes, particularly of key business processes that yields company advantages. Our solution is how to implement ERP (enterprise resource planning) properly, because ERP is the company’s core application that reflects the extent of process automation and data integration. If the ERP is going well, then other applications intended to improve corporate performance, such as a customer service application or an application for sales or market development, will be easily developed.

ERP solution that we o$ er is NetSuite, in which the module also includes CRM (customer relationship management) and e-commerce module for market development through online. NetSuite solution is based on a SaaS model (software as a service), where the company does not need to invest in the form of a large capex, but only pay according to usage and in the form of operating expense. Besides being more efficient, this SaaS solution will lower the risk of failure. The company does not have to bear the burden of cash that will be spent many in the beginning, if this ERP implementation failed.

Another of our solutions to enhance the role of IT to the company’s strategic goal is to develop mobile pplications, both iOS based such as iPad or iPhone, android, blackberry, symbian and Windows mobile. With this mobile application, executives, employees or customers can access or update your company information quickly, anytime and anywhere.

Some other solutions are cloud service integration, in which cloud-based ERP or CRM application can also support each other with on-premise applications already running in the company. The important thing of this integration is synchronization and data exchange between multiple enterprise applications can run properly and accurately. Also cloud infrastructure solutions, such as a virtual server (computing), a private cloud, or manage storage applications, will greatly contribute in improving the efficiency of the company.