Media, Content & Online

Media, Content & Online

For media, content and publishing companies the main challenge is how to provide scalable capacity that is economical and can be implemented any time soon, because their businesses are generally associated with a fluctuated number of readers or audiences and also very large data storage capabilities. From the business side, this type of companies rely on revenue from advertising and subscription, so the challenge is how business can improve and accelerate the revenue from leads to advertising insertion to invoices to cash.

Our Solution
To address the need for server and storage infrastructure that are very large and fluctuated, a mixture of private cloud solutions (either hosted or onsite) and on-demand cloud server will be very suitable. To gain complete control of the server infrastructure and also the need for reduction in costs due to high scalability, a private cloud solution is the answer.
Meanwhile, to meet the fluctuating needs which can occur at any time, then the integration with on demand cloud server solution will be very useful. On demand cloud servers solution o$ er payment in accordance with the usage in hours. Companies no longer need to bother in adding capacities in quick time and do not need to bother to face unused capacity if there is tra! c decrease.
From the business application layer, NetSuite cloud ERP solution is the only cloud-based integrated business suite for new media, publishing, advertising and creative services companies. Some of its benefits include:

Run your business more effectively with the media flexible and easy-touse cloud business management for financial, sales, service and analyticImprove the performance of your media sales team by effectively tracking advertising opportunities throughout the sales process leads, and then forecasting advertising revenueSimplify and Accelerate the insertion order process; speed lead-to-cash processes; and become easier to do business withStreamline the billing processes with end-to-end process integration That removes redundancy, reduces errors and minimizes the manual effortGrow your subscriber base with advanced renewal management, while a single view of each customer Provide enhanced service lets youTrack performance advertising from insertion order through to invoicing.

Also included in this solution is a NetSuite CRM application that is very helpful for sales manager in optimizing the sales process from prospect to contract, as well as improving sales forecast accuracy.
Another solution from us which can be used is the development of a customized software application, either based on web platform, ASP.Net, Java, or mobile application platforms.