Private Cloud

Private Cloud

physically dedicated and fully control on your hands !
Private cloud, which people use to call it as enterprise cloud, is a system of cloud special designed only for one company/institution/community (single tenant). Other definition said private cloud is a computing model that uses resources which are dedicated to your organization.

The different from the public cloud is where your authority is bigger here. You are the administrator of this cloud system. Not a Service Provider! You have right to use this cloud system for your group only, it’s unshared with other part. The hardware, the network and even the platform software is dedicated only for your company. A private cloud shares many of the characteristics of public cloud computing including resource pooling, self-service, elasticity and pay-by-use delivered in a standardized manner with the additional control and customization available from dedicated resources.

Why Private Cloud

More Secure – Offers better security than in public clouds. This is especially critical in meeting some of the compliance needs. All hardware and software are provided to your company only. They are not shared, virtually or physically to other companies.

More control – Delivers more control over the underlying hardware than in the multitenant environment of the public cloud, addressing the concerns about the performance and reliability offered by public cloud service providers.

Better customization – You can custom the infrastructure better to meet the organization’s functional needs.

Efficient – this solution is more efficient than any combination of dedicated servers because of the technology of grid computing combine with virtualization that will optimize resource capacities and reduce cost. For a certain scale this solution even more efficient than public cloud.

Who Should Use

This private cloud service will be suitable for mid size or enterprise class companies who need more control of the system and need more security. In certain number of resources capacity, companies looking for reduce cost will be suitable for this type of service as well.


The configuration of our private cloud service:

Our private cloud service include the procurement of hardware (routers, servers, storage, switches, and other peripherals), VxDatacenter – cloud management software (hypervisor / virtualization, service automation, security, etc.), VxStorage (storage platform) to installation and integration among other.

Type Of Service

We offer you two types of private cloud service : On site private cloud and Hosted private cloud.

The differences between the two model are :


Pricing Model