Whosales Distributor

Whosales Distributor


The challenge for wholesale distribution companies generally is associated with efficiency and productivity. They generally play with a large volume but small profit margin. There are many sources of inefficiencies in their business processes, ranging from the sales process, order management, inventory systems, delivery management, to billing to customers. If these problems of inefficiency are not solved immediately then they will be di! cult to implement low-cost leadership strategy that is generally the most appropriate strategy for this type of companies.


Our Solution

Our solutions to overcome the problems of wholesale distribution companies are complete and comprehensive enough. Starting from the IT infrastructure solution using cloud servers so it is more economical and do not need to invest heavily in the beginning. And if it is already quite high scalability coupled with the need for control and security that are also getting bigger, then the company can also take advantage of our private cloud solutions.

Not just stop there, our solution also offers cloud-based ERP applications, NetSuite, which offers benefits, among others:

  • Monitor and manage your business with the ultimate customizable business dashboards, featuring a built-in best practice for wholesale distribution.
  • Convert leads to orders, orders to shipments and shipments to revenue with NetSuite’s advanced warehousing, inventory management and order fulfilment capabilities.
  • Gain a real-time, 360-degree view of your customers and provide better customer service through NetSuite’s seamless integration of CRM with financial and other back-office systems
  • Grow revenues, enter new markets and channel partners Improve engagement with tools for partner relationship management (PRM)
  • Manage webstores and online business with NetSuite’s ecommerce solution, in which is tightly integrated with your accounting, fulfilment, inventory, CRM, PRM and more.

The most important advantage of cloud applications using our ERP are more economical cost, charged according to the number of users and do not need to invest heavily in early to buy a server, operating system license, database license and application license. Likewise, the cost of maintenance is not necessary any more, since it included in the subscription fee. In addition we also offer a solution called Mozy, mobile sales application, which will accelerate the sales and delivery process of your company, increase sales productivity, improve accuracy of inventory planning, or accelerate the payment of company bills. Some of our other solutions are also suitable for distribution and trading company include: payment aggregators, and also developing custom software application, whether web based or mobile platform.